Do you know anything about the bands Heilung, Danheim, and Tyr?



Sure. Just for clarification, when I decide to use a band/musician’s song for religious purposes, if they sing “Norse” or “Viking” theme music, it’s incredibly important to me that they -at the very least- are willing to denounce white supremacy when asked. Obviously, I wish they would be very vocal about it, but I’ll at least accept them being able to say they don’t support white supremacy when asked.

When I asked Danheim about this, it was a bit difficult because he speaks Danish and his English is okay but sometimes it’s difficult to translate. I’d only found one interview with him in Danish that covered the topic of the problem of white supremacists within this part of culture and I just wanted to make sure. He said, as most bands would, that he can’t control who listens to his music but he does not support white supremacy. I was satisfied with his answer.

Heilung evaded the question. I asked them outright if they supported white supremacy or Nazis listening to their music and whomever runs their social media just copied and pasted their bio which is a bunch of claptrap shit about how they’re trying to bring back the past before this all was an issue. I was not satisfied with this answer. I literally told them that it was the lowest bar ever to say you don’t support white supremacy and Nazis and was extremely disappointed they couldn’t even manage to do that. So I don’t include them in my worship music and don’t listen to them in general.

Tyr I can’t speak for. I’ve never asked them directly about their music and haven’t looked up their positions on stuff because generally speed metal isn’t my thing. If you’re looking for some anti-fascist and anti-Nazi speed or black metal, I’d suggest Neckbeard Deathcamp.

Other bands that I have spoken to who are anti-white supremacist, fyi:

Brothers of Metal were very outspoken against white supremacy, Nazis, and all discrimination when I asked. I didn’t have to tiptoe around it and they didn’t offer any excuses. I appreciated their enthusiastic response. Not all of their songs are accurate to canon (Loki is described as Thor’s brother :P) but I still love them.

Skald said they were against white supremacy and Nazis when I sent them messages as well in a very basic and simple way and their answer satisfied me.

Nytt Land were very outspoken against Nazis and fascism when I asked them about it, even with a language barrier. The founder of the band mentioned family members they had lost fighting Nazis in WW2 and I felt really happy about their answer. 

I’ve got receipts for all these conversations, by the way. I’ve kept it private just because I feel like it’s fair, but if any members of any of these bands wants to challenge me on this because you have shitty PR people running your FB accounts, feel free to DM me and I’ll send you the screenshots.

I definitely encourage people to outright ask bands who make Norse or Viking music where they stand on Nazis and white supremacy. I see absolutely no reason why any of these bands should find this a problem. 

There is ZERO reason why any band who decides to make music in this genre can not explicitly say they do not support white supremacy or Nazis. Bands who are too afraid to do this are making this genre of music and this a safer space for Nazis and white supremacists and this needs to stop. 

And honestly, stop invoking the name of the Vikings, who were pretty famous for not being afraid, when you’re too afraid to be outspoken about what’s right.

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